WRC Generations for Game stations is set to launch on October 13

What is WRC?

The FIA owns and governs the World Rally Championship (abbreviated as WRC), which is the highest level of global competition in the racing discipline of rallying. Drivers, co-drivers, manufacturers, and teams compete in separate championships. The series now consists of 12 three- or four-day rally events that are held on a variety of surfaces, including gravel, asphalt, snow, and ice. Each rally is divided into 15–25 special stages that are raced against the clock over up to 350 kilometers of restricted roads.

What is WRC generation?

WRC Generations, a completely new official World Rally Championship game, will debut in October 2022 to demonstrate the new Rally1 hybrid ruleset.

The yearly WRC game is made by Kylotonn for publisher Nacon, and has included a numbered title up until this point – the most recent being WRC 10 in 2021.

This nomenclature has been dropped for the 2022 season, in favor of a moniker that highlights the conclusion of the French studio’s experience, which includes seven WRC games. This will be their final project before the license is transferred to Electronic Arts in 2023.


The majority of the main drivers, teams, and rallies from the current real-world season will be included, as one would expect from an official WRC game.

This will be especially essential in 2022, when the competition will use a hybrid Rally1 regulation. That means a tubular chassis and a 100kW plug-in hybrid system. So far, three new cars have been produced to these specifications.

  • Rally1 Toyota GR Yaris
  • Hyundai i20 N Rally1
  • Rally1 Ford Puma


The WRC calendar for this season is important because it includes Rally New Zealand for the first time since 2012. This was originally planned to be included in 2020, but the COVID-19 epidemic derailed the plans.

As a result, the stages were created for the WRC 9 game and then carried over to WRC 10 as part of a 50th Anniversary mode.

The same can be said for Rally Japan, which has had stages since WRC 9 despite not debuting in the actual world until later this season. The levels in this new game have been redesigned to resemble the small, high-speed, icy tracks that were hosted for the first time in the Ume region earlier this year.

WRC Generations will also feature nine additional venues outside of the current WRC calendar, most likely old Kylotonn stages such as Chile, Wales Rally GB, and Ypres, Belgium. There will be a total of 165 stages. In a similar spirit, prior WRC-spec vehicles, as well as vehicles from the championship’s history, will be carried over for a total of 37 so-called iconic cars.

The Career Returns

The broad career mode returns, this time with the possibility to build your own team, which was first introduced in WRC 10 last year. This is reported to be ‘better’ over earlier iterations, but no specifics on how have been released.

You may now share your livery designs in the livery editor, and the automobile development skill tree is rumored to feature hybrid-specific advancements.

There will also be a league mode, which sounds quite similar to WRC 10’s online teams mode, where you battled against other virtual rally drivers in a range of challenges.


WRC Generations will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S at launch, breaking with tradition, however the PC version will be released later at an unannounced date.

There will be a Nintendo Switch version, but as WRC 10 was only released two months ago on the little portable system, we expect it to be in 2023.


WRC Generations will be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on October 13, 2022. The release dates for the PC and Nintendo Switch have yet to be confirmed.

WRC Generations – Trailer for the Announcement

WRC Generations will be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on October 13, 2022, according to the developers. The game will also be released for Nintendo Switch and PC at a later date.

Everyone can watch the introduction trailer to learn what to expect from the next rally racing simulation game, which includes hybrid cards, a new Swedish route, a new multiplayer league mode, and more.


NACON is a BIGBEN Group firm created in 2019 to optimize its know-how in the video game sector through significant synergy. NACON focuses 20 years of competence at the service of players by bringing together its 16 development studios, the publishing of AA video games, and the design and distribution of premium gaming devices. This new consolidated business unit boosts NACON’s market position and allows it to develop by gaining new competitive advantages.


Kylotonn, often known as KT Racing, was founded in 2006 and is one of the most notable French video game development studios. The company is worldwide recognized for its know-how and the dedication of its teams. It is the official creator of the WRC FIA World Rally Championship series and the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy. Kylotonn, which has more than 170 employees in Paris and Lyon, has generated more than 30 products that have been distributed by major publishers. Kylotonn has developed a significant technological expertise thanks to its in-house real-time 3D engine, KT Engine.

This technology is employed in R&D partnerships on autonomous vehicle projects in the automotive industry and is at the forefront of the video game industry. NACON, one of Europe’s largest video game publishers, has owned 100% of the company since 2018. Kylotonn is a member of the Syndicat National du Jeu Vidéo (French Game Developers Federation) and Capital Games. BPI, IFCIC, and the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation have all lent their support to the company.


The FIA World Rally Championship will be featured in a video game developed by Kylotonn and published by Nacon for the 2022 season. The game, dubbed WRC Generations, is the seventh installment in Kylotonn’s WRC series, and the final one before its license expires and is transferred to Electronic Arts in 2023.

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