One important thing in the entertainment world is the ability to understand culture, this is because the features and awareness of a group will contribute to consolidating values, beliefs, influence, and behaviors.

People are frequently influenced by what they see, hear, watch, observe, and notice, and much of this can be found in mass media such as the internet, movies, journals, radio, and so on.

Cultural products have been seen to contribute greatly to the improvement of the image of a particular country in its other neighbouring countries. These products serve as instruments for change in society. They can also encourage change individually and create a debate world with a view to making something else of greater value or worth.

According to the English Dictionary, culture is defined as “the beliefs, values, behaviour, and material objects that constitute a person’s way of life.” This implies that culture and entertainment have a great impact on each other, such that the entertainment industry as a whole, which comprises of music, movies, news, lifestyle, news, comedy, shows, events, and other aspects, is only visited by people who show interest and are eager to know more about those aspects in this entertainment sector.

The entertainment industry influences culture greatly. It plays a role in influencing the way we live, dress, eat, think, etc. To the extent that some people keep up with celebrities’ lifestyles, movies, books, shows, the products they use, the products they advertise or endorse as brand ambassadors, People want to own things that celebrities own and be like them.

We would be looking at the positive and negative effects of entertainment on culture. Imagine people returning from their workplace, business, school, offices, etc., and they get home looking so stressed.

To ease their stress, on getting home, the first thing they might want to do is watch something interesting on their television or watch comedy videos on their phones. All of these are forms of entertainment and they bring light to people’s lives and make them happy. This is actually one of the positive effects of entertainment.

One negative impact of entertainment is the film tricks in these movies. If people are not careful, they will like to try out what they see in their movies. An example like jumping from the top of a three-story building to another or attempting to perform scientific experiments done in movies without proper research on possible dangers.

There is a horror movie that has more than 5 parts. It is titled “Final Destination.” Most scenes of the movie just show easy ways to die, and this can, in one way or another, promote suicide. Imagine someone that’s depressed and already thinking of giving up on life and the person comes across the movie “1000 ways to die.” This can affect the person’s thinking as he or she might think it’s a sign to go ahead and take his or her life.

Another positive effect of entertainment’s influence on culture would be in the social media world, especially on YouTube and Instagram. Day by day, thousands of celebrities post pictures and videos of themselves wearing or using products like designer wears, beauty and skincare products, and otherwise promoting the companies’ brands. This can affect people’s dress sense and the type of product they can buy.

On the contrary, one negative aspect is when models appear in fashion shows to entertain the audience, and young girls try to compare themselves to these models, but unfortunately, they cannot meet up at all. This affects their thinking and can lead to low self-esteem and possibly depression. Some even body shame these models because they are jealous and this will only promote hatred.

Music as a part of entertainment can serve as a means of healing, limiting depression, lightening moods, and enhancing a good atmosphere. It can also be motivational. This is the positive part of music in influencing culture.

On the other hand, it can have a negative impact depending on the song’s lyrics, such as curse words in the lyrics; what is shown in music videos, such as the artists smoking or drinking alcohol; showing off half-naked girls; and so on. can have a negative impact such that young girls and boys would see what those musicians are doing as a normal thing that they would love to try out one day. This is not healthy for society.

Another good aspect of the music industry is that artists write their music about certain things that may have happened to them, and they share these experiences through song, like how they went from a very poor background to having so much wealth because they were consistent, hardworking, and disciplined. This serves as a means of opening people’s eyes to the artist’s point of view, thereby influencing the way people live their lives.

Entertainment also strengthens friendships. For example, when a group of friends are all interested in the same series of films and in the same genre of music, this tends to strengthen their friendship, make them love and support each other, as they know that what they all like best and what they are interested in is almost the same thing. This strengthens their bonds and also helps them to understand each other’s minds, feelings, and emotions.

Movies, as another part of entertainment, can be of both positive and negative impact. The positive impact of this aspect of entertainment is if the movies are used to teach a moral lesson, educate a group of people, or change people’s mentality positively.

The other part, which is the negative part, is when erotic content filled with people kissing or having sexual intercourse is introduced in the movie. This can negatively lead to an increase in corruption among the youths and kids exposed to it, masturbation and the practice of these erotic scenes among themselves. Although the entertainment industry always makes awareness of the type of movie that can be watched by putting an age restriction like “Parental guidance (PG)” below age 16 or 18, before the real movie is played.


Entertainment is very diverse and has a lot of branches.It has contributed to affecting culture positively and negatively but what should be focused on is promoting the positive effects.

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The capacity to grasp culture is vital in the entertainment industry since a group’s characteristics and knowledge contribute to the consolidation of values, beliefs, influence, and behaviors.

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