TFTI is not just your average art exhibit in Houston. It is a unique and interactive illusion museum, a selfie museum, and a photo booth experience all rolled into one. It offers an unforgettable journey through mind-bending optical illusions and captivating art installations.


Are you tired of the same old art exhibits? Looking for something more exciting and interactive? Look no further than TFTI. Located in the heart of Houston, TFTI is the perfect destination for art enthusiasts, families, and couples alike. Step into a world of illusions, where reality and perception collide.

The Experience

At TFTI, you’ll find a variety of immersive exhibits designed to challenge your senses and ignite your creativity. From gravity-defying rooms to larger-than-life installations, each exhibit offers a unique opportunity to capture breathtaking photos and create lasting memories.

Fun for Everyone

Whether you’re a social media influencer in search of the perfect selfie, a family looking for a fun outing, or a couple seeking a unique date night idea, TFTI has something for everyone. With its vibrant and dynamic atmosphere, it’s no wonder TFTI is ranked as one of the best places to take photos in Houston.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the ultimate art exhibit in Houston. Visit TFTI and immerse yourself in a world of illusions, creativity, and endless photo opportunities. Get ready to capture jaw-dropping selfies, create unforgettable memories, and discover the magic of art in a whole new way

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