The saying “family is everything” is real for Khaled and it’s something he takes very seriously. For the release of his latest studio album “God Did”, Khaled did a cover interview with Haute Living to talk his new album, he also talks about how his family and friends are everything to him and he doesn’t take them for granted. Khaled who have worked with some of the biggest name in the industry, from rap legend Eminem, to one of the singer who have an amazing voice SZA, to Justin Bieber who Khaled have recorded many hits with, Roddy Ricch, Travis Scott, John Legend, the late Juice WRLD and let not forget Rihanna who Khaled said he have always wanted to work with but couldn’t, the stars finally aligned when Khaled featured Rihanna in the hit song “wild thought”, this lists of artist are just to name a few of those Khaled have worked with. To Khaled, out of all thee artist he has worked with, there are a few of them that he thinks of as family.

DJ Khaled
DJ Khaled

“Started from the bottom now we are here,” Khaled said most of the artist he worked with are those that have worked with him just as he was starting out as a producer, and he too worked with them as they were starting out, so they all have mutual respect for each other, they respect the journey they went through to get to where they are now, they work from bottom to be the leader of their respective career, so to Khaled this are not just friend but family, as we all know, family is not just by blood.

People like Jay-z, Drake, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and Future are not just his friends, but they are his family. Khaled said he and this artist don’t just collaborate on music together, but they call each other regular to ask for their wellbeing, they do dinners with each other’s family, they even sometimes vacation together, even though don’t need to validate their friendship by posting everything on social media, they are as close as any family can be.

Apart from friends that are like family, Khaled have his own family, his wife Nicole, his two sons, Ashad and Alam who are 5 and 2 respectively, he put them above everything else, they are main reason for how hard he works. In life, it’s the simple and insignificant things that matters, to Khaled, having a family is not something he take for granted, to be able to sit with his family and just BE, does moment when he looks at his children and see the future are blessings that cannot be taken for granted. Despite the busy life of the producer, his family are always part of whatever he does, they are always by his side. Khaled had made a promise to himself to create a life where his family can always be with him.

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